Takino Industrial Park, Koutaka, Kato City, Japan , 679-0221
TEL: +81-795-48-5711

Founded 1952
President Kouji Mimura
Capital \50,000,000
Major line of business Coaxial cables, cables and unit harnesses for equipment,
information and communication cables
Top share products: Coaxial wires and cords (30%)
Technology on
Wire for
.....TACHII ELECTRIC WIRE was established in 1958. With the advance of electronics, the company has concentrated on manufacturing wire for electronic equipment and has been expanding. The company is proud of its own development technology and has produced many TACHII brand products. It stands in a middle position in the industry and maintains a traditional policy of not having any specific main customers. The company has established a production system that attaches great importance on quality control with the coming visual media society. Now the company is a general manufacturer of copper wiring and handles all aspects of the manufacturing process from stretching and twisting to coating.
.....The main products are antenna cords, communication cables for LAN, CATV, cords for game and amusement equipment, cords for high-frequency equipment, cables for controls and instruments, and other processed parts. The products are used widely, and the company is ranked the No. 1 in quality and production quantity in AV-related image transfer coaxial cables, satellite broadcasting receiving coaxial cables, and other processed parts in Japan. The company's manufacturing facilities and equipment are original developments, and have been improved continuously to accumulate manufacturing know-how to satisfy the various market needs.
.....The Takino factory was built at Takino Industrial Park in Hyogo Prefecture, to manufacture coaxial cables. The factory is equipped with advanced equipment including Factory Automation systems. Now the company is preparing to enter the information and communication field with the slogan of "A/V C& C Cable TACHII," and has a goal of becoming a creative company that can meet the various high-level needs that will come up with the advancing information revolution.

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